Woman Over Board – 22nd August 2022

The title of the blog was going to be “The Holy Grail of Rowing.” – Henley on Thames. Instead, our lock slave Sarah decided she wanted to go for an…..

…impromptu swim in the Thames. We have never had anyone go in the drink before – guess that record is broken now. The video below was done portrait on the camera and we can’t seem to rotate it, so just enjoy.

No bones broken or crush injuries but battered pride and sore bum where she landed on it.

Once we threw her in the shower and got her all spruced up again it was onward to Henley.

We are now getting into serious wealth territory.

We shared one of the locks today with this steam driven boat. It used paraffin fuel to propel it. The boat was a reproduction and only 30 years old. As you can see, it attracted a lot of attention.

We only needed to cruise for two hours to get to Henley but it took us over four hours as besides Sarah’s swim, we finally found some water to fill up with. Once again, we seem to have annoyed some yoghurt pot owners as we took a while to fill up the boat. We haven’t been able to find water for five days and we were getting low.

Henley is voted by The Times as one of the best places to live in the English countryside. You need some serious money to be able to afford anything here.

The Henley Bridge is a five arched bridge across the river built in 1786. It is a Grade 1 listed historic structure.

Some perfectly satisfactory weekend chalets right on the Thames.

This is the finish line for the Olympic rowing back in 1948. Tomorrow we will go into more detail regarding the regatta as we have a surprise in hand for our readers.

Not lawn bowls but croquet. Actually, croquet is a fun game and also very vindictive.

As you can imagine, a very lively town center. Pleased we are here on a Monday as this place would be hopping on a weekend.

This antique store is very deceptive. Inside it is just like the Tardus. There were multiple rooms, all with uneven floors and low beams that were there to give you a headache as you wacked your head on them.

We did a lot of walking around Henley today enjoying the mixture of bespoke shops and the lovely water frontage with many types of different boats. By the time we got back to the boat for dinner, our feet were very tired and sore.

2 thoughts on “Woman Over Board – 22nd August 2022

    1. Thanks guys. Only a few more to go now as we leave London for Montreal on Thursday. We overnight with Joannie and Simon who are looking after the Toque Monster and will be home on Friday – exhausted!!!


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