Sad Day for Us – 20th August 2022

As mentioned in the previous blog, we had a big ticket item to tick off from our bucket list. It was meant to have occurred today with us catching the train into London and going to Lords to watch the cricket. It would have been the fourth day of the first test between England and South Africa. Problem was that the pommes managed to get themselves defeated by dinner time on the third day. Only positive is that we get our money back.

We very much wanted to go to Lords and have the experience. Oh well, maybe next year when the English will be playing Australia. Problem there is that it will be near nigh impossible to get tickets.

So plans having been changed, we took it very easy on the boat reading the newspaper and enjoying the down time. Di did make it out for a haircut before we went to see the movie Fisherman’s Friends. It was a feel good experience and filled in a few hours.

Had we gone to London, we were going to meet up with our English friend Sarah from Calgary who is visiting family here at present.

We were to meet her at Paddington Station and then catch the train out to Reading together. We were also hoping to use the new Elizabeth Line all the way from Reading into Paddington especially as the overland trains were on strike – yet again. Sarah made it out in record time of half an hour from the center of London. The evening was spent acquainting her with the boat and she an Di also did some serious damage at M&S.

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