Wallingford Excursion – 17th August 2022

No map today of our progress as we moved a total of 300 meters only. Our plans were to remain in the town of Wallingford for the day and depending upon how we felt we would either chug off later in the day or else spend another night here.

We went off to walk to town as we were moored about 600 meters further down the river, when we noted three vacancies on much better moorings right at the Wallingford Bridge. It was a hasty retreat back to the boat and a push off to go the short distance to the better moorings. It was hard to believe but by the time we got there, there was only one mooring left and just big enough for us to sneak into.

We knew mooring up under the trees the previous night would cause us grief with tree like crap being dropped on the boat, and we were not disappointed. We need to wait until the boat roof fully dries before we can sweep it down.

A brief walk took us into the center of town which had a very vibrant business district. It also had the most coffee/tea shops within a small area we have seen.

We had heard they had a sweet shop with 50 different types of liquorice which is Di’s favourite. She was very restrained and only purchased a small quantity that she did share with Fraser.

We found this lovely old Morland Brewery sign. The brewery produces Old Speckled Hen which is one of Fraser’s favourite and began business in 1711.

Wallingford has become a market town and centre of local commerce. At the centre of the town is the market square with the war memorial and Wallingford Town Hall to the south, the Corn Exchange theatre to the east and numerous shops around the edges. Off the square there are alleyways and streets with more shops and a number of historic inns. 

We found this second hand shop which covered three floors and went on and on and on. You don’t see many of these stores around anymore as it is now more about IKEA and short term ownership.

The popular television detective drama Midsomer Murders films in Wallingford and the surrounding area, which poses as the fictional town of Causton in the county of Midsomer.

It has been a very long time since we have sat at a table that has starched white linen table cloths and we did not embarrass ourselves by turning it into a murder scene. It is set in a classical style and as it would have been during our parents era. It was very refreshing after today’s usual slap dash affairs.

We opted to remain in Wallingford for the evening as we are ahead of schedule and with it being a good mooring in a pleasant location.

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