Good Friends Revisited – 13th August 2022

Our good friends Lynne and John from Wolverhampton drove down to Oxford this morning to spend the day with us. We first met up with John and Lynne when they drove to Scholars Green on the Macclesfield canal back on the 22nd June. Our rendezvous location today was at the Westgate Mall in Oxford.

The mall appears to be a very recent addition to the Oxford High Street and quite unique.

It is half indoors and half outdoors which is a little unusual in this climate. There is a huge glass dome roof which unfortunately was letting in a great deal of heat. You were getting some coolness from the air-conditioned shops as you walked passed their open doors.

We met the guys again as we were cruising through Wolverhampton where we got to see them a number of times over a week. It ended up as a number of times as we kept leaving umbrellas etc in the boot of their car. We also caught up with Lynne’s mum Doreen at that time.

Many of you will recognise this building as it has been in many different TV series as well as being famous for what it is – a library. We are going to do a bit of a self guided walking tour of the inner city tomorrow morning before the crowds arrive, so tomorrow’s blog will be a little more informative of land marks.

We can confirm that this is the Hertdord Bridge otherwise known as the Bridge of Sighs. The legend of the Bridge of Sighs says that many decades ago, there was a survey of the health of Oxford University students, and when Hertford College’s students were found to be the heaviest, the college closed off the bridge that links the old and new quads in order to force the students to take the stairs, thereby getting more exercise.

So today was spent just chewing the cud. We moved from one eatery that was air-conditioned to another air-conditioned eatery to finally end up at the The Turf Tavern beer garden. The Turf Tavern is very well know for a number of things.

In Order:

  1. Many celebrities have visited it eg. Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Stephen Hawkings, Emma Thompson, Bill Clinton and so on.
  2. Is is featured in Inspector Morse episodes a number of times. It is in the episode where we learn what his first name is.
  3. It is where Bob Hawke, one of Australia’s Prime Ministers held the world record for downing a yard glass of beer in the fastest time.

Between the eat fests we explored a little of Oxford central, or as much of it as we could considering the stifling heat. John and Lynne then caught the Park and Ride bus back to their car whilst we wandered back via the darkening towpath to the boat hoping that it wasn’t going to be too hot as it had been locked up since 10.30am.

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