Diddly Squat – 5th August 2022

This will be the shortest blog on record as apart from some boat cleaning chores, a short walk in the nearby woods, very little else happened.

Once again Fras managed to get one side of the boat cleaned. There is a hose pipe ban commencing in parts of the UK so practised cleaning it with a bucket of water.

Afterwards we went for a walk and came back via Annie’s Tea House which was a very popular spot. Rather than partake we decided we would return to the boat and cook some scones.

On our way back we sat at what we call “Morse” corner and watched a few boats negotiate the tight 90 degree bend around the facility block.

Our one piece of excitement for the day was to see a play presented by The Mikron Theatre Company at The Boat Inn pub in the evening. We used this as an excuse to eat out!

On our walk down to the pub we came across a towpath gathering of folks who were eating prior to heading off to the play. This isn’t that an uncommon sight in the summer months.

The Mikron Theatre is an English touring theatre company, founded in 1972, which is notable for its tours by canal boat during the summer months, and by road in the spring and autumn. The company believes itself to be the only theatre company in the world which tours by narrowboat – can’ think of any other country beside the UK that has narrowboats.

The company had its origins in an Edinburgh Fringe show in 1963. The name “Mikron”, as well as being a Greek word meaning “small”, is derived from the names of the trio who went to Edinburgh in 1963: MIKe Lucas, Sarah CameRON and RON Legge.

The play we saw was titled “100 years of the WI” (Women’s Institute). It was a lot of fun and an interesting fact we learnt from it, is that it was started in 1896 in Canada. It was a very healthy turn out of people.

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