Leaving Birmingham  –  20th July 2022

Awoke to a substantially more pleasant day. High today of 22c which is much more manageable. Karen joined back up with us around midday and off we went but not before we did a stop off at Sainsbury to top up the larder. Time to go and head towards the east and then head south. We finally extricated ourselves from Birmingham after lunch and headed back the way we came. Firstly though, it might be time to do an overall update as to where we started back in early June.

Now we will focus in on where we are heading to.

Purple line is where we got today from leaving Birmingham follwed by the yellow line tomorrow to Hockley Heath and then on Friday we will be doing 19 of the 24 Lapworth Locks before crossing onto the Grand Union Canal at Kingswood Junction.

Once at Kingswood Junction we will go from the narrow locks back onto the double locks that are damn hard work. The Grand Union canal goes from Birmingham to London and was the M1 of the 1700-1800’s which is why it has double the lock size.

When we left Birmingham we travelled for two hours on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal that we had come into Birmingham on. We turned left at King’s Norton Junction onto the Stratford Canal. We travelled for another hour until we got to one of Birminghams outer suburbs called Warstock. Not a particularly salubrious place to have to pull in for the night but it will serve it’s purpose for us for the one evening. Nothing to really comment on about our trip as not a pretty section of canal.

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