Into Birmingham we did go –  18th July 2022

We got up early because of the heat and went for a walk around the pub we had frequented the night before and have a general look around the small village. The government had called a Red Alert regarding the severe heatwave which was anticipated to reach over the 40c mark breaking all records.

Ange De L’Eau had for sale signs put up in her window just before we left the marina in Droitwich so we thought it appropriate to take as many photos of her as we could.

Later in the day we heard from Wolfgang that someone had contacted him via email as they had seen her up for sale parked exactly in this spot. She won’t be sold until October 2022 but it is good to garner some early interest.

It was sad this morning that we said goodbye to Miles as he had to return to London for work. We had made arrangments to have his car parked back at the Droitwich Marina so he caught a taxi and went back there to pick it up.

We had three hours cruising today with no locks so it was on with the washing and tidy up the boat. Fraser gave Karen some idea of what it felt like to steer the boat but it wasn’t something that she was wholly comfortable with and perferred just to sit up under the shade and keep him company.

By now it was heating up with a prediction of 38c for the Birmingham area. We did get some reprieve from the heat as we had the Wast Hill Tunnel of 2726 yards to do.

It was so beautifully cool inside for the 20 minutes it took us to go through. The large drops and in some cases streams of water that rained down on top of us were still bitterly cold on our heads and backs and in many cases made us yelp.

If you look carefully at the above picture, you will see a group of people in high viz gear. As we got closer they were taking a person away on a stretcher and putting police tape around the scene. The police were turning the public away that were on the tow path but for us they had no option but to let us through. We don’t know what the incident was about but it did not look good.

Karen has been very smart and for tonight and tomorrow night, she has booked into an air conditioned hotel to get away from the heat – she ain’t no dummy. By the time we got into Gas Street Basin in central Birmingham, it was 38c.

The canal in the center of the city was extremely quiet considering that the Commonwealth games start here on the 28th July and go to 8th August.

We could not find any eatery in the close vicinity that had air con so minimized our time eating and headed straight to the cinema. We watched the Elvis movie which was done in the same style as Rocket Man (Elton John) which made for easy viewing.

After walking Karen to her exquisitely air-conned hotel, we made our way back to Ange to battle it out with the heat. Due to security reasons, we cannot have all the doors and windows open so the only option was for us to have cold showers and suck it up.

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