Lock Slaves Arrive –  15th July 2022

Today our good friends Karen and Miles arrived from London via Leicester as Miles son was graduating from the Leicester University. Miles will be with us until until Monday morning whilst Karen will be with us for ten days.

We spent most of the day putting the final touches to cleaning the boat and organising the bedding for the guys.

The marina has been a lovely place to hole up for the couple of days and being plugged into mains power was all our Christmas’s at once. When we plugged the boat into the mains, there was still 1.89 pound that the previous boater had not used on the meter. In the 48 hours that we were plugged in, which included four loads of washing, hair dryer, charging up phones and computers and running every light on the boat for two nights, the meter went down to 69 pence. Hence, we used 1.20 pound. Gotta love that.

The guys got to the marina by 1.30pm so it was off for a quick shop after a cuppa and once we settled them into the boat it was then out to a pub for dinner.

It was quite the gymnastic feat to get the beds put together and made up but after many different machinations, we finally go there.

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