Status Unchanged –  24th June 2022

We have not moved along the cut at all today. Our plan was to at least motor for an hour. Instead, we came across a better plan involving spending four and a half hours in a pub with some good friends.

First task of the day was to do some further route review as new ideas have popped up. We will fill you in later as maybe by then things will have changed, again.

Friends Dewi and Eirian from Wales, who we met back in 1991 in the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam, drove across to meet up with us today. When we first met the guys, they had their 10-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son with them who are now 41 and 43. Where did the years go. The kids still remember us today but are alas busy with their own lives and couldn’t join their mum and dad.

Eirian and Dewi have been retired for over ten years and are prolific travellers – even more prolific than we are. We had such a lovely time sitting in the pub just chewing the cud. They have visited us in Calgary, and we have stayed with them in Wales.

On our return to the boat, we then rang a good friend in Washington DC who we had not caught up with in quite some time. So, all in all, it was a slow day but a great catch up with friends day.

Tomorrow, we head off for an hour of cruising to met up with some more friends who are driving over from Wolverhampton. Guess where we are meeting them – a pub of course!!!

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