Further Wanderings to Romily –  17th June 2022

Very laid-back day cleaning the boat, catching up on emails, planning our new route and watching the local wildlife.

Tomorrow, we start the climb up the Marple flight but just prior to the flight is the Marple Aqueduct which is paralleled by the Trans Pennine railway. The aqueduct was completed in 1800 whilst the viaduct was completed in 1860. This shows you how closely the railway followed the canals.

It is the highest canal aqueduct in England and the highest masonry-arch aqueduct in Britain. The three semi-circular arches are about 78 feet (23.8m) above water level, with spans of approximately 60 feet (18.3m) at 72 feet (22m) centres. 

The Peak Forest Canal which we are currently on is probably one of the prettiest with expansive views over the valleys. We do aim to go to Bugsworth Basin which is the end of the canal and only another two hours cruising from the top of the locks.

A roving bridge, changeline bridge, turnover bridge, or snake bridge is a bridge over a canal constructed to allow a horse towing a boat to cross the canal when the towpath changes sides. This often involved unhitching the tow line, but on some canals they were constructed so that there was no need to do this. This also have the horse relief from constantly pulling on one side of its body. The durability of the workmanship from over 200 years ago is a testament to their quality.

We wandered into Romily which is a small nondescript village a little back on the canal. Just really wandered up there for a walk and to replenish the larder. We did spend quite a bit of time watching the Canadian geese on the other side of the canal. There are about 35 goslings and three generations. Believe it or not, they were interesting to watch. They were teaching the different generations how to strengthen their wings by doing a water take off and a land take off. When the youngest goslings were in the water they had sentries strategically placed to guard them and others showing them how to preen. We got to reading about them and didn’t realise that they mate for life and can mourn for up to two years should their partner die. We know, it sounds like we have too much time on our hands.

2 thoughts on “Further Wanderings to Romily –  17th June 2022

  1. Hi, nice Blog with a lot of interesting Informations. Die Fraser Flyer the drone to make the pictures from the aqueduct or die you Pick them from the Internet?

    Did your cruise with Alistair work well? We are lookibg forward to your next Blog curiously.

    Have a good time. Love W&M


    1. Hi Wolfgang, no, we cheated and got a picture off the net. Fras did fly the drone today though and there will be some uploaded footage in a couple of days. let us just say that it is still dry.


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