New Plan – Ashton Canal –  14th June 2022

All good plans of mice and men have been thrown out the window. Reports from Canal and River Trust at 1.00pm today indicate that Lock 60 is now repaired but only one paddle can open; lack of water in the canal where we were yesterday has not been resolved; vandalism around Lock 35 where the canal has been drained and now, they have to put on anti vandal keys to the lock mechanisms. It just doesn’t bode well for us, and we made the finite decision to abandon ever being able to do the Rochdale Canal.

We have decided to go along the Ashton Canal heading towards the Peak Forest District.

The pink colour is the current course we are headed down. We have to review all our current plans now as the northern canals are pretty much off limits for us.

The Ashton Canal does have a bit of a reputation similar to the beginning of the Rochdale Canal where it is a bit of bandit country. We did not strike anything on our travels today – luckily.

We had 18 locks to do, and we could not believe our luck when we found out that they were single locks – bonus for us. So much easier to handle and quicker. In some case though, like the lock in the picture above, it was a fight to close the doors. As soon as you closed the right side, the left side opened, and the doors kept this up. There is a solution of opening up the top paddle to let a bit of water through so that when you do close a gate the water pressure will keep it in place. We don’t like to do this as it can waste water, but one must do what one must do.

Final lock of the day as we then popped out into the basin where we moored for the night.

The weather was just perfect for the day but didn’t get to enjoy much of the gorgeous evening as talking with other boaters. By the time we get a mooring in the early evening, make dinner and tidy up, do our blog and life administration, it is time for bed. Going forward we hope this might change as with the new cruising plan, there will be fewer travelling hours per day – we hope!!

We had been warned by a boater we met on the way down the canal who said the spot was lovely but those f#@cken Canadian geese started at five in the morning. We have news for him. The buggers started at 8.00pm at night. People were coming down and feeding them bread which is the wrong thing to give them and then the numpties wonder why they won’t go away when they get sick of their noise.

It was a day late, but we had a little birthday cake this evening to celebrate Di turning 50 – again!!! A perfect cake for two which means less the calories – well, one could only hope.

2 thoughts on “New Plan – Ashton Canal –  14th June 2022

  1. Happy Birthday 🥳 who’s counting Loved the 🎂 Hope the rest of your cruising goes well life always throws you curve balls 🎱
    Lots of best wishes from Wilma


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