Falkirk back to Base – 4th June 2022

Not very much to report here except that after having breakfast at Weatherspoon’s in Falkirk, we drove back to the marina and handed Yasmin back to them – in one piece!

It was then a drive back down to the Scottish/English border to the Over Water marina where we had left the boat moored for the twice weeks we had been away.

It seems such a long time since we left to go off on our Scottish adventure. There has been a unanimous agreement that it was a great holiday with a number of highlights and had exceeded all of our expectations.

Catchup and Prep for Part 2 – 5th June 2022

We awoke to appalling English weather with the rain pelting down. Good thing that we had no plans to go boating.

The modus operandi was to do:

  1. Washing – achieved
  2. Shopping for Fras and Di – achieved
  3. Final hand over of boat – achieved
  4. Wolfgang and Marlene packed for their journey – achieved
  5. Last supper until London – OVER ACHIEVED at the Indian Restaurant

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