Farewell to the Kelpies – 29th May 2022

Just had to include another couple of photos of the Kelpies from last night. Wolfgang took these photos with his much superior camera.

This one was taken as the sun was setting.

Part of the night display where they were lit with red lights.

This picture is quite confusing as it shows four horses heads but in reality the two in the back are the large sculptures whilst the two in the front are scale models. The design process involved building scale models, about one-tenth the size of the completed sculpture. They were to test out the design and garner interest and would form the basis of the finished work. 

The plan today was to return up the 13 locks and back to where we started from yesterday. Once we were all coffeed up, we our lock crew and headed out.

In yesterdays blog we mentioned how we were clapped by the crowd as we came through the last lock into the area of the Kelpies and we were not sure why that happened. We did discover this morning, that Neil who was the crew leader actually wound the crowd up to cheer use plus the volunteers for putting on such a well executed demonstration as to how a lock works. That made it a lot for palatable than just us getting the cheers and claps for being on the boat.

Even though poor Fraser is suffering from an awful cold, he still managed to play the clown.

Our wonderful lock crew who kindly posed for us. Such a cheerful and helpful bunch.

We moored up just after the top lock #16 and after a restful afternoon catching up on emails and playing with Wolfgang’s drone, we headed off to  Bridge Inn for dinner and for an early night as we do have a couple of long days of cruising as we head to Glasgow.

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