Chester, UK – 19th May 2022

After our first night of reasonable sleep, we decided the best plan of action for the next two days before we head north to Scotland was to keep as busy as possible. We were suffering from further jetlag which was sending us for a bit of a loop. So off to Chester we did go.

It was only about a 20 mile (UK still uses miles) drive but due to the heavy traffic which is perpetual in on the roads, it took us over an hour. Wolfgang had brought his left hand drive car across from Germany which we used for our mode of transportation. Imagine sitting in the front passenger seat heading straight into on coming traffic whilst the driver is sitting in the gutter. Just a little bit unnerving is an understatement. It was difficult for us to find a volunteer for that hot seat!!

We have been to Chester once before back in 2016 and it was via canal boat.

It was sad to see that the city has been hit hard by covid with a lot of businesses having closed up. Now, like a lot of other tourist spots, the streets are filled by eateries. As it is early in the season, we were not engrossed in crowds of tourists.

There are still a number of original mail boxes around which are made of heavy iron and have the royal initials permanently on them, of the period of the when the post box was installed. In this case it was for Queen Victoria. It was noted by us that the new boxes are made of a heavy plastic with a plagued screwed in with the current monarchs initials. Of the heavy metal ones around most of them have the initials of ERII on them. We thinks that Bonny Prince Charlie’s initials are going to be of the plastic version.

Here is a short passage from google about the breakdown of who has how many post boxes with their insiginia on it. Some of them even have heritage listing.

More than 60% of current British post boxes carry the EIIR mark of Queen Elizabeth II or a Scottish crown. Boxes from the reign of George V account for about 15% of the total. There are smaller numbers, in descending order, of boxes from the reigns of George VI, Victoria, and Edward VII. The Letter Box Study Group has identified 171 boxes surviving from the short 1936 reign of Edward VIII.

Chester is a walled cathedral city in Cheshire, England. It is located on the River Dee, close to the English-Welsh border.

It is located on the River Dee, close to the English-Welsh border.

Chester was founded in 79 AD  but the earliest date we found was 1275 on the wall of the building below.

The city walls of Chester are some of the best-preserved in the country and have Grade I listed status. It has a number of medieval buildings, but many of the black-and-white buildings within the city centre are Victorian restorations, originating from the Black-and-white Revival movement. Apart from a 100-metre (330 ft) section, the walls are almost complete.

Now to the Chester Cathedral. It is Anglican and old!!! Rather than blurb on about it we have put in a link for you should you be interested. We didn’t go inside as short of time but it does look spectacular.

Chester Cathedral – Wikipedia

So that was a full day for us all. Back to the Overwater Marina where the boat was moored for yet another early night.

Nothing to blog about the next day, as it was spent on the boat refreshing our memories as to what is where and how everything works for when we take her away for our three and a half month cruise beginning early June.

8 thoughts on “Chester, UK – 19th May 2022

  1. Hi Fraser and Di,
    Great to see you on holidays again. I hope you enjoyed your time in Australia too. It’s fantastic to see you adventures. I’m thinking of coming over to visit you both soon. Pottsy


    1. Hi Pottsy, we are in the UK until the end of September. Not too sure if you want to come in the winter unless you want to ski but you are more than welcome to stay with us.


  2. On our way back from the Llangollen and Montgomery canals we passed Overwater on the 18th May, and moored overnight at Audlem. If only we’d known!
    Have a great trip!

    Mike & Lesley


  3. We passed Overwater on 18th, mooring up in Audlem overnight following our trip up the Llangollen and Montgomery canals. If only we’d known you were there! Now further south, gradually heading home.
    Hope you have a great time.
    Mike & Lesley


    1. Our plan to do the Rochedale has hit a few snags as it is closed between Manchester and the summit plus if we were to go the other way, we cannot get a booking for the Standedge until the 8th August – oh well, as they say, stuff happens. We will keep checking until the last minute in case there is a cancellation but if not, we will do the Llangollen and Monti for a third time – you can never get enough of those canals. Reckon we will be around Cropedy in the third week of August – where might be the wandering Charlie Mo’s?


      1. We’ve vowed never to do the Llangollen again until either they extend the Monty, or it is winter and there are no stoppages. We just found it too busy. With so many hire boat bases, it is inevitable that it will be busy, and whilst there are some experienced hire boaters (as we know), there are also some compete novices, and Charlie Mo got quite fed up of being hit by them!


      2. Well forewarned – thanks for that. Lets keep in touch and maybe we might be able to catch up with you guys in either Cropedy or surrounds.


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