LHR to YYC – 6th September 2019

Our flight wasn’t until 1.05pm but from 8.00am it was full on. Showers and then take Toque for a walk and then visit the Golden Arches on the way back for some totally unhealthy breakfast. It was a little difficult but we found some grass where we could throw her ball for her and try to tire her out. On the return to our room we discovered that the hallway was an even better place to toss the ball for her. It was then a bus to Terminal 2 where things started to go wrong.

Last time we did this process with both the girls back in 2016 it went very smoothly – maybe something to do with the small strip of red carpet we were standing on. We knew we couldn’t do normal check in and found someone to direct us to Special Assistance check in. She labelled our bags and then sent us 50 meters over to another desk where we paid the £170. The guy for Air Canada felt it should have been adjusted down as she was so small but was not able to do that. We get sent back to the girl at the first desk who looks at us and tells us to put our bags through oversized where they will deal with Toque. 50 meter walk from check in A and they tell us to go to check in D. 150 meter walk to go there where they took our bags and said the dog crate was not labelled and to go back to original girl at Special Assistance. 200 meter walk to find she had gone home and the guy now there was stumped as our bags were already gone. He goes off three times before he comes back with assistance who gets the crate labelled. We checked thoroughly that they had put the correct label on the crate as we were getting worried. Back to area D where we are then taken through security to where airport staff are checked in, and into a small room where final preparations are done for her. The hard part now was to put her into her crate which she didn’t go in totally willingly but once she saw her ball she was a little happier. She got picked up by staff with her own trolley and that was the last we saw of her until Calgary.

Well, that is what we thought. As we were queuing to board the plane we saw her crate going up a conveyor to a small door in the back of the plane – this is when the guilt really kicked in. It is still better she go cargo as if in the cabin she would get frantic trying to get out of the crate to get to us.

Our flight of 8 hours 38 minutes was 8 hours too long in a chockers tin can, but what can you do.

We hope that you have enjoyed the blog and maybe learnt a little about the canals, their history and the significant contribution they made to making the British Empire the Industrial Giant of the 1800’s. We need to send very big thank you to Wolfgang and Marlene who made this trip possible for us and to Joannie and Simon for looking after the house back in Calgary.

Believe us when we say we have no further travel plans for the future so hence no blogging until another crazy idea comes to mind.

2 thoughts on “LHR to YYC – 6th September 2019

    1. Hi Heather, so sorry we can not get to the west to see you this time. Always such a smile on our faces when we remember helping you guys on the farm. We would love to think we can repeat this soon. Our love to Dave and the kids


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