Working to the End – 4th September 2019

This morning we left the Grand Union Canal at Gayton Junction and headed off down the Northampton Arm of the Grand Union and onto the River Nene.

Shortly after leaving the Grand Union we hit the 17 locks heading down into the city. The locks were not in our favour but with three of us on the ground and working well together we managed to get through the first 13 locks in 1 ¼ hours.

The setting for the locks is quite picturesque and they were well spaced so it was easy to walk along the latter ones that were more spread out.

After Di had finished videoing Marlene steering out of the lock she realized that Wolfgang was videoing her so she videoed him right back.

The day was certainly blustery which made it quite uncomfortable to be outside. We were all into our fleeces but resisted the desire to put our gloves and toques on.

By about the tenth lock we were all going a bit stir crazy so Fraser decided he was going to entertain us with his version of a jig which was meant to be finished off with a twerk only he did not know what that was.

This was Toques last lock ride. She was never that helpful on the locks and would freak us out a bit as she never minded standing right on the edge of the lock chambers staring in at the water. Taking her with us when we would do the locks was a good way to get her some exercise. We ended up calling these walks the oooh agh walks as she was constantly being admired. Several times we offered her up for sale but no takers.

We got into Northampton at 5.00pm and then all hands on deck to secure the boat and then head out for our final supper together. So, it all comes to an end now. Well, not quite, as tomorrow we will drive to Cambridge on our way to Heathrow to have a bit of a look around.

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