Deer in a Lock – 27th August 2019

We did manage to get going by 8.30am, as still trying to beat the heat. Today was predicted to be 28c and with three hours of cruising required we were keen to get going.

We went through our second diamond lock this morning and it is fortuitous as our long time blog followers Mike and Lesley from Cropredy have very kindly sent in the explanation as to why the locks are diamond shaped.

The reason for the two diamond-ish-shaped locks is that they are both at the downstream exit of a river (in this case the Cherwell) on to a canal. These are relatively shallow locks and in order to make sure that each lock-full takes enough volume of water down the canal to the next (deeper) locks, they have to be wider, but the narrow gates at each end make it a curious shape.

It became increasingly warmer as the morning went on and the humidity was going in the upward direction. The terrain was very similar to yesterday and put us in our happy place.

Coming into Banbury we pulled up to be able to do a shop and to also take Toque to a groomer to have her nails trimmed. We split up with Fraser taking Toque to the groomers and Di doing a couple of trips from the boat to the supermarket. This was our last big shop before we get back to the marina as there are no more decent sized supermarkets till then.

Toque has not been walking well for the last couple of days so hence the groomer. It has been found that she probably has a grass seed that has become infected in one of her front paws which goes a long way to explaining things.

We had one lock to go through in the centre of Banbury and on our entrance we discovered that a small deer had fallen in. We are not sure when it happened but the poor thing was well dead. There were a number of people to help remove it from the lock and CRT was called to come and retrieve it. Not a pleasant experience by any means.

We pulled up just in time, as the heavens opened, which was such a relief as it had become unbearably uncomfortable. What was meant to turn out to be a short day of cruising ended up taking us until 4.00pm by the time that we did shopping, groomers, deer extraction.

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