Horribly, Horribly HOT – 25th July 2019

An addition from last night. It was so hot after we moored that we decided to go for a walk around Windsor at 7.30pm.

This was only a small example of how many swans, Canadian geese and ducks there are hanging around. The surface of the Thames is covered in their feathers from there preening.

This is the Eton Bridge which connects Eton to the town of Windsor where the castle is. We decided we would just focus on Eton tonight and Windsor tomorrow morning.

Some lovely winding streets going towards the college with high end stores. Many shops selling tailored clothing for the school which were all rather posh. They were selling bath robes that you would see PG Woodhouse wearing and extensive shoe cleaning kits. Surprised they would need to clean their own shoes – as our neighbour back in Calgary would say, “you know you can pay people to do that!”

This is the only photo we could get of the inside of the courtyard at Eton College as they have everything in lock down. The fees are £42,000 per year approximately plus all the add on’s which would add up big time.

When we came into Windsor this evening the Royal Standard was not flying on top of the castle but when we came out for our walk, it was up there. Obviously Liz had decided to come back to Windsor for the night after accepted Theresa Mays resignation and meeting Boris the Buffoon. Her and Phil must be just rolling their eyes.

Considering how hot it was last night, we both slept reasonably well. Toque was too hot to go in her box so she just sprawled out on the floor of the boat which would have been the coolest spot for on the boat.

We got up early and were out on our walk of Windsor before all the kiddies lined up to sit with Noddy. Our sole destination was to do the Long Walk.

For those of you who are not sure what it is, this picture describes it. We were here at 8.00am and were walking in the shade just to keep cool as it was 25c at that hour. The walk is three kilometres one way but we probably only did half of it. You saw the entrance to Frogmore House where Harry and Meghan live along with the Frogmore Mausoleum. That would be one interesting grave yard to go into.

It was such a lovely walk and Toque had a ball meeting lots of dogs.

As we were walking back towards the castle a helicopter landed at the castle and then we saw a black car drive towards it. We couldn’t see the helicopter on the ground but it took off soon afterwards, so we reckon it was Liz off to Balmoral for her summer break.

Walked back via the castle and were able to get a shot without tourists in the way.

Would have been nicer to spend a little longer in Windsor but just at the present we are on a tight agenda. We had been inside the castle before and as we had done Buck House we were more than happy to view it from the outside and just do the Long Walk.

On the way back to the boat we came across this elaborate and fierce door knocker which didn’t appear to be particularly welcoming but all the same, it was rather nice.

It was then back onto the river and decided to do a few videos as we thought they might be a little better than photos for this area. The first video is of one of the locks that we went through and Di was trying to video whilst hanging onto the rope at the rear of the boat. She discovered you can’t do the two things at the same time.

We are cruising through a very exclusive area of the Thames now where for a lot of people money is not a problem.

And the houses just continued!

By now the temperature was in excess of 35c and the inside of the boat was like a hot house. The humidity was also high and no matter how much water we drank we couldn’t seem to quench our thirst. The only comfortable person on the boat was Toque who had had a cold bath and then draped with a very wet and cool towel. As she was exhausted from her walk, all she did for the day was to sleep. Lucky bugger because we suffered something shocking.

The water was starting to look very inviting and we did get a bit of coolness off the moving water from the weirs but that was just not enough.

They were expecting the record for the hottest day on record to be broken today. It was set back in 2003 at 38.5c but the hottest today was in Cambridge at 38.1c. It still set the record for the hottest day in July.

It was sooo hot that Fras went in for a dip. Di just crawled into a cold shower once we moored up and then both had cold showers before we went to bed. We have moored up at this lovely little town called Marlow and will explore it tomorrow morning when it is meant to be a lot cooler and possibly raining – whoopee!!!!!

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