Back to Paddington Basin – 19th July 2019

We set off in drizzly weather from Limehouse back to Paddington Basin at 8.30am. Not the most pleasant of weather to be cruising in but then it got very heavy and we both got pretty much drenched. The only one to remain dry was Toque – of course. Once the weather gods had decided they had had enough fun with us, they brought out the sun.

We got a few different photos on the way back and most of them strange and amusing like this Chinese restaurant tucked away in a corner on the canal. It looks like it has been enlarged over the small hull of the narrowboat. Not sure if they have codes for narrowboat extensions.

We then came up to the London Zoo and this notice certainly had us just a little on the curious side.

Next it was the aviary at the zoo which we couldn’t see any birds in.

You cruise along the back of the African display so we put warthog description on these guys.

These guys are African Cape Hunting Dogs and are exceedingly vicious. We once saw them being fed at a zoo in Australia and they just about ripped one another apart to get at the food.

Then there was this fully self contained boat with their own roof garden and play area.

The next two videos are of some better shots of the mansions that back onto the canal and are on the end of Regents Park. Not too shabby a shacks!!

Lastly a video as we came to the end of the Regents Canal with day boaters almost hitting us, moored up boats with their squalor which are over the road from what would be multi million dollar homes.

As they say, all in together!!!

It took us an hour longer to get back to Paddington Basin than on our way out yesterday but we will put it down to this guy on a boat called Gratuity who was in front of us on the canal but would not wait for us to share a lock with him – it takes all types. No matter though, as when we got back to the Basin we got back our same mooring spot which was brilliant. In fact we were just a little closer to the Kupp  Restaurant on the other side of the canal who had unsecured wifi, so it was time to download lots of files and watch old episodes of Coronation Street!!!!!


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