Go the Kiwis – 10th July 2019

A big treat for us, well Di anyway, was that New Zealand the underdogs beat India in the One Day World Cricket Semi final. We will find out tomorrow, providing not rain interrupted, if NZ will play England or Australia on Sunday. The blog on Sunday will be coming from a pub as we will be setting ourselves up there to watch the match live.

We went through some lovely countryside whilst cruising today along with more locks.

It was interesting to see the comparison regarding these two bridges. The ornate one came about because the landowner of the estate only allowed the canal to go through his property providing the bridge was embellished with decorations.

There were a lot of Moorhens nesting along the canals and we think this is their second lot of chicks for the year as it seems late in the season for them to be having their first batch. What was so very sad to see was the amount of nests that were put together with rubbish from the canals. We saw everything from polystyrene cups to strips of plastic. Twice we have seen people, and young people at that just flagrantly litter without a conscience.

We are definitely on the very outskirts of London and in a town called Watford Junction on the London Overground Line which is the end of the line for the tube. You can just make out the tube train on the bridge.

We thought this was a very novel sight to see horses walking on the canal edges. They probably wouldn’t be doing the sides much good by creating erosion which is one of the canal systems major problems.

We went to the pub tonight with Kevin and he showed us a video he had been taking from the front of his boat where he had taken a frame every half second. This resulted in a very high speed recording of our morning cruising which Kevin has kindly given to us. We are just trying to work out how to upload it to You Tube as it is a big file. Hopefully in the next few days we will be able to post it on the blog. For those people who have not seen the canals in action this is a great Birdseye view plus you also know the actors.

3 thoughts on “Go the Kiwis – 10th July 2019

  1. Hi Diane and Fraiser
    I’m nicely home now and been doing a bit with the video. Try this and see if you can link to it. I’ll put the others up later

    Enjoy London


    1. Thanks Kevin. I copied your link into the blog and it is working perfectly. Now in Paddington Basin and it was very hard going through the duck weed. Hope to maybe see you in a week. Diane and Fraser


  2. The others are there too. I think I will exit Brentford onto the Thames a week Thursday to get to Oxford the first weekend in August. I do apologise for putting an ‘i’ in Fraser’s name!! Kevin


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