Update from Home – 9th May 2019

It is now two days since we arrived home and in that time Toque has continued to be attached more to Joannie and Simone. She has actually been sleeping in their bed with them whereas her norm is to sleep in her crate.

Joannie and Simone left this morning on their way back to Montreal. This trip will take them five days with 8-10 hours of driving per day. It was very sad to say goodbye them but the excellent news is that they will be back in seven weeks.

Toque is going to take a little while to adjust to the new changes but we are sure she will come round.

We have continued to get worse regarding our sore throats and coughs and succumbed to seeing our family doctor. Between us we have bronchitis, possible pneumonia, highly likely strep throat, infected sinuses and rattly chests. We are now loaded up with antibiotics so here is hoping that this is just a blimp for us.

The blog will recommence on the 24th June which is when we head to England for two wonderful months on Wolfgang and Marlene’s canal boat Ange d’ Leau.

8 thoughts on “Update from Home – 9th May 2019

    1. Hello Catherine, you will have to excuse us but our heads are blank as to where we have met you. As our blog shows, we have been ultra busy of late and have met so many people that it has all turned into a bit of a blur. If you can give us further details we would be happy to reply.


      1. We have never met, I just found your blog from a link from another canal boat blog. I enjoy reading them and yours, and last year on a trip to the UK, we did a number of towpath walks, using the blogs to find interesting ones.


      2. That’s great Catherine. Thanks for following and hope you enjoy our wanderings. We are very much looking forward to our trip in July and August on the canals where we will be doing the Grand Union south to London, west to Bristol and back up north along the Oxford. Up until now, we have only ever done northern canals so are interested to do these southern ones which people keep telling us are more beautiful than the north – we will see. If you wish to contact us directly, our email contact is rowkin@telus.net By any chance, was it the NB Waiouru blog site?


  1. We have been following your blog since we met you on the Macclesfield Canal in 2016 (rescuing untied boat followed by bottles of wine!) . We will be out on our boat in late June & July. What is your planned route on Ange d’leau?


    1. Hello Mike and Lesley, WOW, we certainly do remember the day of the great rescue. We would love to be able to catch up with you guys in July August if at all possible. We are meeting Wolfgang and Marlene on Ange d’ Leau in Lester or just near Lester on the 26th June. They will be with us for about a week whilst we head down towards the Grand Union going to London and then they will head home to Germany. From there we will head out to Bristol and then return up the Oxford towards Braunston. Does any of this fit into your plans??? You can contact us directly via email on rowkin@telus.net and we could FaceTime or Skype. Would love to see your new boat!!!! We remember you were going to moor it down the end of your garden and use it as extra accomodation- hope all those plans came to fruition.


      1. Since we saw you, we have built a house beside the Oxford canal , so if we’re not out and about we’ll be there. Our plan is also to take the boat to Bath, getting there in lat June/early July, so we may catch you on our way back east.


      2. Hi, our email is rowkin@telus.net Our plans are to go to Bristol via the Grand Union and through London. We will then return via the Oxford Canal. Sounds like we will cross with you guys when you are returning from Bath and then see you again on the Oxford in your back garden. I think we will be in London the second week of July for about 5-7 days and then head west so we will be behind you. It would have been great to have caught up with you as we could have done all the double locks together!!!! and had a swell time. The blog will start up again in six weeks for a trip so you will be able to follow our travels. We are really looking forward to our trip and we firmly believe we should have been born as water gypsys. What is the name of your boat and have you any photos of her? Di, Fraser and Toque


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