ANZAC Day and Raeiteria – 25th April

There are many Aussies and Kiwis on this cruise but even if there were not many of us they still would of held a Dawn Service.

It was held on the back deck where we got a great view of the sun trying to peek through the storm clouds. Even though it was pelting with rain, it made the ceremony even more poignant in that this inconvenience to us was nothing compared to what our soldiers had to endure.

It was the full service with “In Flanders Field” read and both anthems sung. The turn out of people was pretty good.

They had the raising of the flags and…

a beautiful wreath made with local flowers. One of the stewards had to hang onto the pedestal as the wind picked up and decided it was going to play havoc with everyone’s umbrella. They even went to the extent of making ANZAC biscuits which we all gobbled. Never a biscuit so good. What a very unique and special place to commemorate ANZAC day.



We managed to keep our eyes open and head down for breakfast. We had moored at the island of Raeitiera where it was wet, wet, wet. Fraser decided he wanted to climb up the hill that was close to town so that he could get a view of the reef and island.

He was richly rewarded for his effort of walking for one and a quarter hours up a steep incline. Coming down was more a slide in the mud.

Di meantime just wandered around town avoiding the puddles and having a look. The island’s population is roughly 12,000 and still part of the French Polynesian territories. We are not very far from Bora Bora where we were four days ago. The cruise has crisscrossed the islands as it is trying to fit in with other cruise ships so as not to swamp the little towns.

We are met at every port by the locals singing their melodic tunes and doing it with fervour rather than just having to be there to greet the over privileged tourists. We have found them all genuinely friendly people and also very family orientated.

We met up with one another early in the afternoon and went wandering around town again to see if we could find some Wi-Fi but no luck – oh well, we are now off the grid until San Francisco. On our way back to the ship we came across some local dancers who were keen to teach Tommy the Tourist how to dance the Polynesian way.

They make it look so darned easy. Squatting on your toes and doing the scissors with your legs and then short hopping around the stage at a frenetic pace has got to be one of the most difficult actions to accomplish. The hip wiggle was no easier!!!

They are such generous people and gave Di a gorgeous garland of fresh flowers which smelt divine. The remainder of our day was rather lack lustre after that high and it was an early night with a book.

Definitely a porker – 15/15.

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