New Zealand Bound – 27th March 2019

Up at 5.45am to be able to catch the 9.10am flight to Wellington – way too early for us. We were zombies navigating our way out of the apartment and thankfully Barb was more awake than us to drive us to the airport.

What would we do without our mums to help us out even though we are old enough to be retired!!! It was a very quick kerbside farewell to Barb at the Melbourne airport.

The flight was only three hours with a two hour time difference which was a nice change from those ugly flights from Canada to Australia.

We arrived into Wellington with it living up to it’s reputation of being wet and windy. Because of its location in the Roaring Forties and its exposure to the winds blowing through Cook Strait, Wellington is the world’s windiest city, with an average wind speed of 27 km/h (17 mph). As the nation’s capital since 1865, the New Zealand Government and Parliament, Supreme Court and most of the public service are based in the city.

We are in a hotel pretty much in the centre of the city and a stones throw from Parliament. This is the Beehive as it is known due to its shape and houses is the Executive Wing of Parliament. We are going for a tour on Saturday so will have more fun filled and exciting facts for you?!?!

Whilst we are in Wellington, we are in a studio apartment which has a small kitchen that we will utilize. This involved us finding a food store to stock up on groceries. We found this risotto which looked great in the packet but when it was dished up it reminded us both of snot. After that it was a little difficult to eat it.

We are here for the next three days and luckily for us we appear to have the weather on our side.

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