Country Bound – 3rd March 2019

Our plan for today was to head north of Brisbane to the area called Noosa as we were going to visit one of Di’s sisters and some old friends from Lake Louise in Canada. Nick meantime rose rather early to head out to the airport for a flight to Sydney as he was going to catch up with his mum and dad who live a couple of hours west. This meant that Casa Nick would be empty for two days.

The drive north to the Sunshine Coast was through some extremely lush sub tropical countryside and once we got off the highway and headed towards the little hamlet of Beerwah it was even more stunning. We are in what is also called the Glass House Mountains region.

Di’s sister runs a dog grooming salon in Beerwah where we met up with her. She has owned it for six years and like Di is passionate about her pooches.

We very much liked the fact that when they come in for grooming they are not shut in small cages out the back but get to play with other dogs whilst waiting to be groomed or picked up.

Loved this photo she had up on her wall. Haven’t felt like that since we retired!!

Along the street scape of Beerwah they had all these steam punk sculptures which had been put together with old bits of machinery. Very clever. Beerwah is only a small town and functions on tourism plus the main trunk line north, runs through it.

After a tour around the shop we headed north of town into even more lush countryside to her house where we dropped off the pooches and headed to another hamlet for a nice lunch outside in the sun. Well, it was sunny for a while and then being sub tropical it would drop a bucket of rain and then out came the sun again. They are saying it is a green drought up here. It looks magnificent but you don’t need to dig down into the soil very far before you hit hard packed dry dirt.

We drove further north by another 40 minutes and to our friends Ben and Bronwyn who we know from Lake Louise. They ran the bakery and a gift shop there for many years and then as age crept up on them they found it harder to weather the winters. As Bronwyn said, “the four seasons of Lake Louise were winter, winter, winter and winter.” They left Canada back in 2011 and settled down here and bought themselves this magnificent Queenslander home. These houses are very typical up here as they are built up on stilts to allow the air to flow underneath them and keep them cool. A lot of people build the bottom in now and put in air conditioning.

The house is on two acres in the wilderness and the wild life is unreal.

They have a family of eight Kookaburras that visit every day landing on the handrail of the balcony and trying to see if they can garner a free feed. Bronwyn was saying that when she is out in the garden digging around they are right on the ground beside her and getting in her way as they are looking for worms. She was also saying it is not uncommon for her to be able to just pick them up and place them further away so as she doesn’t trip over them. The sound of birds is exquisite to listen to.

We spent the evening having a lovely dinner and catching up sitting upstairs with the doors open and a cool breeze coming through the house. Gotta love that.

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