Brisbane Bound – 21st February 2019

It was a fond farewell to Wallace Park and on the road for our 600k trip north to Brisbane.

You can see the devastation of the drought on the land all the way up to the Queensland border.

With three short stops it took us nine hours in total and were very tired by the time we got into Nicks place in Brisbane.


This is the view from Nicks balcony so you can see we will be slumming it whilst staying in Brisbane. That is the Brisbane river you can see which Nick refers to as the greasy Limpopo. It is a tidal river but unfortunately it never changes colour.

We had dinner out with Nick and his good friends Carlo and Maria who we have been trying to meet for over 18 years. We have all known about one another during this time but have both come to the conclusion that we are actually virtual couples as after many previous attempts to meet, we had failed, until tonight. Excellent dinner with great old and new friends.


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