Tommy, Tabitha and Darryl the Tourists – 13th February 2019

Good day to get cracking and see the sights of Sydney as the temperature was only meant to climb to 25c today. On went the walking shoes and out the door we three went.

First port of call after a ten minute walk was the ferry landing of Abbotsford. They have certainly smarted the jetty’s up since we were last here as most of them looked derelict before.

In fact, a little like the vintage of this boat repair shop. According to Darryl, the chap who owns this, just does up boats for the fun of it and doesn’t need to work. It does add to the character of the place. He had a couple of happy little dogs just basking in the sun and what look to us to be a good lifestyle.

They use River Cats on this part of the harbour as it is extremely shallow. From Abbotsford they continue up the harbour which is actually the Parramatta River, ending at Olympic Park where they held the 2000 Summer Olympic Games.

City skyline coming into the Barangaroo Jetty which is at the entrance to Darling Harbour. The skyline has changed considerably here with all the old dock area now replaced by HSBC sky scrapers.

We got off at Barangaroo as our plan was to walk to the Opera House via a new pathway network.

This area use to be the dockyards and for years it was left derelict and had a seedy reputation. You cannot say that now. They have spent huge amounts of money and regenerated the area with a emphasis on foot traffic.

The harbour is made up of many little coves and is quite unique compared to other harbour cities such as Wellington, Vancouver, Oslo etc and we must say the most beautiful. Sydney is sometimes referred to as the Emerald City due to the colour of its water.

Our walking track of about five kilometres. Maybe a lot longer as we spent a lot of time weaving in and around people.

The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge which doesn’t hold many records any longer but at the time of its build back in 1932 was one of the widest bridges. It is the tallest steel arch bridge in the world but a lot of the new large cruise ships can’t get under it.

Then around the corner to the next iconic structure.

Darryl and Fras in the obligatory Opera House photo.

There are just so many more people in Sydney compared to when we lived here 30 years ago – understandable of course but they get in the way of a good photo.

The final icon of the day, One of The Manly Ferries. Tourists spend a fortune on harbour cruises each year when all you really need to do it ride around on the various ferry’s and they pull into lots of different coves that the tourist boat doesn’t go into.

We caught the ferry back home in time for showers and then off down to the Sydney Rowing Club at Abbotsford with spectacular views up the harbour. The guys tell us that they are members which cost the princely sum of $20 per year which you get back as a voucher for your birthday.

3 thoughts on “Tommy, Tabitha and Darryl the Tourists – 13th February 2019

  1. Did you both go and see where you got married!! Did you see the boat that took us out !!! That was s beautiful day and wedding.


  2. We didn’t quite get around to Farm Cove where we got married. We haven’t seen the MV O’Hara Booth on our travels around Sydney Harbour but we did hear she got renamed “Sydney” – pretty apt. Not sure about you but I remember the forecast the night before was “for soggy weather” and soggy it was indeed. Sure you were at our wedding and not someone else’s.


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