Domestic Day – 11th February 2019

Needed to accomplish a few chores today so nothing great to report. First call of the day was to head over the bridge to the suburb of St Leonards. This took a bus into town and then a train. Fantastic transport network here.

About 23 years ago we bought an apartment in St Leonard’s which is three train stops north from the bridge and also very close to Royal North Shore Hospital. We have been very lucky with it as it has always been tenanted and thought it time we needed to inspect it as haven’t been to look at it for nearly 20 years.

We were pleased with the condition of it considering its age. To have a toe hold in the Australian Real Estate market is a big plus as things here are obscene prices.

We went back to Sue and Darryl’s to do some washing and catch up with paperwork and then out again to catch up with very old friends, Luck and Greg.

These guys go back to our time in Sydney to the late 1980’s. Greg and Fraser worked together including our friend Paul who we stayed with back in Perth. Sue and Darryl also know them but from when they lived up in the mining town of Tieri in Northern Queensland way back in the early 1980’s. The mining community is very small and everybody seems to be interconnected. Had a great catch up.

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