Busy, Busy Bees – 29th January 2019

We were up early to tackle with the rest of the Melbourian commuters, the traffic into the centre of the city. Plans for today involved Fraser assisting his parents through the Aged Care Assessment Team interview which would take approximately three hours. This is to get his parents assessed as to what physical, emotional and mental assistance they might require in the future should they require it. It is good planning for the future especially with all three children living either interstate or overseas. We, like many of our friends are going through this process with their elderly parents.

Di meantime, went to exchange a book out for her great nephew and then to have a look at some clothing as both of our waistlines are expanding at a frightening rate. There are no excuses why this is happening except to say we are the ones who put our hands to our mouths.

We rendezvoused afterwards for a cuppa and chat at Frasers parents place and then headed south to Sandhurst on the Mornington Peninsula. We had a dinner appointment with Di’s neice Anna and her husband Richard and children Taylor and Hunter. Taylor had received her final school results and she has made it into University to do her Environmental course which is excellent news. Lovely night chatting about all sorts and making plans for catch up again late in March.

Back to the city to Frasers parents as there was a planned covert operation to the storage unit they have in their old apartment block under the cloak of darkness. It is a long story but it was successful. Didn’t get home until pretty much near midnight. Di did 11,000 steps and posssibly 150k driving – ugh.

Tomorrow there will be no blog as it is back to the grind to complete cleaning Belinda’s townhouse. We have the kitchen to finish, plus laundry and windows and frames. The rest will have to be fixed by a painter with sugar soap and a few layers of paint. Sorry the blog has been a little boring with no pictures lately but come Friday it will change!!

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