Calm after the Storm – 18th January 2019

Woke up after 8+ hours of sleep to very tired and heavy bodies. Putting one foot in front of the other after yesterday was challenging. We had a date to pick up Paul and Gail from their accomodation in the city at 11.00am and only just made it.

Mike and Cheryl had to be out the door by 8.30am for their flight back to LA so we had said our goodbyes last night.

After successfully picking up the guys that required some very tricky driving maneuvers, our plan was to park at Henty House and then catch the tram out to the Victoria Markets. All was well except for the wet weather. We have not seen the heavens open up like this in the month that we have been here. It made it a little cooler but oh the humidity was oppressive.

Before we headed to the markets we took Gail and Paul up to Fraser’s parents apartment to show Gail some of the artwork that his mum is so good at. Gail is a very accomplished artist herself and was very taken with what she saw. Unfortunately their paths will not cross this time as they would have a lot to talk about.

Fraser’s mum is a naturally gifted artist and can turn any piece of scrap metal or seaweed into a stunning, natural piece of art. What we consider three pieces of rusty metal that she picked up in a junk yard, she turned into an art installation on her lounge wall that looked very expensive and exclusive.

Tram 58 took us out to the markets where the girls dumped the boys and went for a slow meander. Boys headed to the produce area whilst the girls headed to the clothes and arty section. We met up an hour later for a coffee where the girls said they had hardly scratched the surface and would remain there whilst the boys went off into town to do the free audio tram tour on the circle line in the city.
They call these old teams “rattlers” and they are deafening to ride. There feels like there is no suspension, definitely no air conditioning and wooden seats. If you are after authenticity, this is it in a bone shattering deafening all in one experience.

The two parties rejoined for a cleansing healthy salad dinner at Di and Fraser’s and some tennis watching. It has been difficult to watch our diet whilst away for such a long period of time and although we are active unfortunately the exercise doesn’t exceed the burn rate required for the ingested calories!!!!

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