Shopping and Rowing, Melbourne – 23rd and 24th December 2018

It’s been mayhem!!!! But what else can you expect. Getting around Melbourne during the build up to Christmas has been extremely unpleasant but at least the weather hasn’t been obscene like in Western Australia and South Australia. Having said that though, that weather is heading our way!! We have the 40’s to look forward to.

Have been around the city doing some last minute shopping. Paula and Dex left us on Friday to spend the festive season down at Newport with rellies from Dex side of the family. They will get to escape the City chaos. As they left the apartment Fraser’s brother David, Leonie his wife and two boys Lachlan and Alistair arrived doing a hot bed change.

Yesterday we all headed up to Essendon Rowing Club as there has been a plan long in the making to get the four Rowe boys and one Rowe girl into a coxed quad scull.

The boys and their dad have rowed for many years whilst Fraser took up rowing in the northern summer.

Imogen, who is Frasers niece, rowed throughout High School when she lived in Tasmania but finds that rowing in Melbourne is too competitive. She therefore prefers not to row here.

She was the cox on the boat.

From left to right: Lachlan, David, Fraser, Alistair and Imogen.
Two of the rowers inspecting the inside of their eyelids after such an exhausting morning.

We headed over to the Crown Casino for a dinner and celebration meal for Alistair who received his year 12 results with a 92.1 which gets him into Sydney Uni doing Economics. He then decided he was going to apply his maths prowess at the roulette table and discovered very quickly that no amount of calculations is going to help with Lady Luck. We all left having donated our hard earned money to James Packers mental health recovery efforts!

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