A Bit of Exercise – 12th December 2018

Not a lot to share today. Weather is still scorching, as predicted to be 35c again today so feel like you are walking around in a furnace.

Our plan was to get in a bit of exercise today which was achieved by driving down to the Burnside public swimming pool. The pools setting was in beautiful surroundings of a park with lots of gum trees. Gums are notorious for shedding leaves, bark and twigs all year round and though they were a fair distance from the pools, you felt like you were swimming through a gum forest.

You would think it would be dead easy to get into the pool with the outside temperature at 30c and a pool heated to 26c, but it is a real shock to the system. They never use to heat the outside pools in Australia. This nation is turning into a bunch of wimps!!

We are use to swimming in a 25 metre pool back in Calgary as there are only a few 50 metre pools which are saved for competitions and serious training.  Here it is the reverse. Talk about struggle down the pool!!! We usually swim a kilometre each but we are struggling to do that distance here.

In the early evening we headed back up the Australian version  of the hills to catch up with Mark and Jacquie again in a lovely little town called Stirling. It is amazing the temperature change between Adelaide and the hills. Di actually put on a cardigan.

We chose the local Stirling pub which, wow, had some scrummy food.

We promised Jacquie and Mark it wouldn’t be another 26 years till we saw them again as quarantee one of us will have fallen off our perch by then. Hopefully through their daughters fantastic cycling career they might be able see her ride in Canada one time. If you are interested in cycling, keep an eye out for an Alexandra Manly who hopefully will be in the next Australian Olympic Team.


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