Cruising the Swan – 2nd December 2018

We had to bid Al a fond farewell this morning as he was heading out to Kalgoorlie today for ten days of work. On Monday he will drive approximately another 300k north east of Kalgoorlie to a site where he is the chief exploration geologist. In other words, to the back of beyond into the desert where he will camp out for those ten days.

Fras helped Al load up his truck this morning with all his gear and secure it down. Al will get all his food provisions in Kalgoorlie and pick up some further equipment he will need for the trip. We note how much more people are safety conscious when going out bush compared to when we use to live out there. They have GPS trackers, satellite cell phones and lots of other communication methods that we never use to have but would have probably not bothered with. Then again, that is the arrogance of youth.

Michael, our farmer friend from out Narrogin way who we helped on his farm this week, sent us this photo today. He has completed his first 75 metre sausage of barley in the field where we helped him to get all the machinery ready. Since we left on Thursday, he has been out harvesting every day for what we guessed would be 12 hours a day to get the crop in. Michael thinks he will get three of these sausages off this particular paddock which works out to be a fantastic yield. For the farmers in WA this year, it is going to be a bumper crop and the first like it in about 20 years!!! Love the face he has drawn on it.

Fras and Jen went for a bike ride around the Swan River to shake out a few cobwebs and then the three of us headed over to Betty’s Jetty in the city to meet up with Lee who is a very good friend of Jens and has stayed with us in Calgary. We were all off for a cruise of the upper Swan River.

Fras has the enviable task of escorting we three ladies and fitted right into the slot. Rather than cruise down the southern reaches of the river which is where they glide by mega mansions, by going up north we get more into the country areas.

Just after heading out from the jetty we go past the new Optus Stadium which the locals call the cray pot. This has been open for about a year now and has been a huge success and we are told was sorely needed. The foot bridge in the picture reminds us a little of the Peace Bridge in Calgary which caused a bit of controversy. It’s name is Matagarup Bridge which is Aboriginal and meaning footsteps where the local tribe use to walk.

We cruised up the river about an hour and when you look at it you can see one side of it is all flood plain which thankfully the local council has not allowed houses to be built on.

Guess these photos made us look like a bunch of old soaks!

It was then home for a quiet night and to spend some quality time with Brian.

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