Pemberton and back to Perth – 30th November 2018

It was cold last night!! Both of us put on an additional two blankets to make it to the morning. It has been a very slow start to summer with the official date commencing tomorrow the 1st December. Winter officially starts in Canada on the 22nd December so doesn’t it make sense in the Southern Hemisphere it should just be the reverse. Any help regarding this conundrum is appreciated.

We spent this morning driving around the 86km Karri Discovery Tour on dirt roads which we swore to the car rental company that we wouldn’t take the car on – naughty people.

This is what Aussies call a forest. Di doesn’t agree. To her it is a bit thin on the trees. When we get to New Zealand, she will show you want forest and bush is all about. There they do it properly!!

First order of the day was to go to the Gloucester Tree just out of Pemberton which use to be a fire look out post. It was last used in that role in 1972. They use to climb the tree before sunrise and sit up there until sunset – one of the original boring jobs. Today you can still climb it and Fraser thought he was in heaven.

The tree is 53 metres high and has a cage up the top that is utilised as a viewing platform.

For someone who is scared of heights, Mr Rowe excelled. The spacing of the rio bar steps is quite large so it does deter some of the kids. Di decided her tree climbing days were over so she sat down below and enjoyed the view.

We then did an 800 metre bush walk among the tall Karri trees with Fraser being encouraged by Di to make lots of noise and stomping to scare off all the venomous snakes. There is no way Di will ever be able to feel totally comfortable in this land of noxious, poisonous flora and fauna.

It was then off to look for the second tree to climb. This climbing tree is called the Bicentennial Tree which was created 1988 and is 65 metres high.

You can’t see it but around the outside of the steps is a cage made of wire so if you do fall you just land on the person below you and take them out plus anyone else underneath you. If they didn’t have the metal net, then just you would end up as a lost soul.

We then continued on our way to Perth but not before dropping off at a road store than was selling avocados. We bought six for $2.00 – that is a bargain. Around the Pemberton area they have planted many orchards for avocados as well as grapes.

It was then off back to Perth which was 345k away so put the Skroda in drive and off we went. This little car has been great as we have done 1000k and it has used only 45 litres which is a good thing as petrol here is around $1.47/L.

Jen and Al were out at the opera when we got back so we utilised the washing machine; said our hellos to Brian the bird and settled in for a much needed cuppa tea.


One thought on “Pemberton and back to Perth – 30th November 2018

  1. Yes you will see plenty of forest here guys, and as for the skoda it’s a beaut car, as u know we have the suv, great on petrol, got 806k out of a 63litre tank.
    Ohh and by the way NZ fuel 😬🤭 95 2.50 91 2.19 and diesel 1.54, just saying 😱👋


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