Perth to Busselton – 9th November 2018

It was a very quiet day for us with not much to write about at all. Fras and Al headed off to the golf course at the ungodly hour of 5.30am; Jen headed to work and Di spent until 8.30am inspecting the insides of her eye lids. Our plan was to help around the house a bit and prepare for our trip down to Busselton once Jen returned from work at around 2.45pm.

When you are travelling for long periods of time like this, simple household chores become a novelty. Tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, hand watering plants and laundry make for a good break. Talking about laundry!!! Well, you get to hang it on a Hill’s hoist (round spinning clothes line that Aussies are very proud of because they invented it) and within half an hour you are out there unpegging the dry clothes. Di use to like to torment her nosey neighbour back in our Muswellbrook days by colour coding all the washing and hanging them in such a fashion that she appeared OOOOCD. The neighbour even commented to Di’s mother about how she hung the washing out – get a life love!

After Fras and Al returned from golf headed they out to a hardware store for men’s business. This time it wasn’t to Bunnings (eg. Home Depot, Rona in Canada) but an independent big boys store where contractors purchase in bulk. Their day was made. The task of purchasing a drill press seemed to take an awfully long time and at this stage they are sticking to their story of just going to the hardware store and not the 4×4/caravan show that was on.

We fixed old Brian up and gave him an extra treat to while away the hours whilst we are away for the weekend. Headed south out of Perth yet again toward Australind with every other man and his dog. Jen and Di had a very quick trip in the back of the car as they were busy planning Jen and Al’s trip to Alaska and Canada next July. Alas, we will not be able to join them as we will already be ensconced on Ange de Leau on the canals in the UK. Oh well, can’t do it all even though we give a good go of it.

Credit card saga elaborated on. So it appears the replacement cards were not even dispatched to our Perth address as it reverted to our Canadian address and of course that would cost us $20. Instead of calling us to say “do we have permission to take $20 out of your Oz account”, which would have alerted us to a problem, they just shut the whole thing down and didn’t call us. So back to the bank and this time sorted it out face to face with them. We should see one card that has been expedited for delivery on Tuesday. The good thing about the visit was that we were able to get some cash out. They showed us how to do this with our bank app – pretty cool. We should have been doing this all along.

Walked to the beach for s sunset shot. We are getting good at posing for these now.

Had a gorgeous vegetarian dinner at the old converted fire station in Busselton, alas though, it was too dark to take any photos. Al and Jen are vegoes so when we stay with people we always adapt to their eating habits to make life easier. So far so good!!!!! Finished off the evening with a game of euchre where Fras and Jen whipped Di and Al. Replay tonight.

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