Frog Hollow – 22nd October 2018

Amanda warned us about the sun coming up at 5.00am and that we would wake up with it. She was 100% correct, so it was a good thing that we were in bed by 8.30pm the night before!! As most of you know, we are not the earliest of risers but this week is going to change that habit.

Amanda has her own residence which is very comfortable with an ensuite, master bedroom and lounge. The kitchen is in another building which is open air but has all the amenities that you need.

A photo showing the kitchen on the right and main residence on the left.

The community of Frog Hollow is within the Purnululu region. It has its own school which is why Amanda is here as she is a teacher.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to the school assembly where we were introduced to all the children and the teachers.

This is a magnificent painting of one of the little girls in the school called Amelia.

The kids are so happy and uncomplicated. They welcomed us and were super friendly with the little ones wanting a lot of physical contact. There is very little iPhone or internet interference here and they know how to amuse themselves with games. Like kids of yesteryear.

After assembly we went back to Amanda’s classroom where she teaches the 4-6 year olds in a great classroom setting.

We both got stuck into helping with the morning lessons and refreshed our ABC’s and 1, 2, 3’s.

They speak a language called gija so we are learning a new word each day. Amanda has been introducing Fraser as her brother and Di as her sister in law so the word of the day is “wadu” meaning sister in law. The kids giggle listening to us trying to pronounce their language. They also speak extremely fast when using English. Unfortunately, gija is a language that is disappearing and they are trying very hard to keep it alive.

We got down with the kids and put some jigsaw puzzles together and then both felt like a couple of old crocs trying to get up again. We also went over to another class of 12-15 year olds and saw these amazing drawings they had done. These kids are gifted.

It was then back to Amanda’s to put together her new couch and grab a quick bite to eat before heading 35k down the road to Warnum where we were going for a swim. We all piled into the local school bus with the kids and headed out.

It is once again a scorching 41c so a dip was mandatory.

They had a ball as did we and although we had 45 minutes, we could have spent a lot more time playing with the kids and keeping cool. It was then back to Frog Hollow to put the finishing touches to the couch and suffer through another evening heat build up and heavy rain shower.

Tomorrow we head out to the Bungle Bungles which are going to blow your mind away.

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