Pumpkins and Lighthouses – 30th September 2018

Not a long blog tonight or one full of facts, figures or historical information. That will come tomorrow after our visit to the Center of Charlottetown.

Every time we tick something off the bucket list, something else goes on, but this particular item has been there for quite some time though not sure if we can ever pull it off. It is on Di’s list but Fraser is coming round to her idea but probably only because it probably won’t come off.

Her desire is to do holiday relief at a ……

She doesn’t care where the…

is, as long as it has one of these…,

only requires a small amount of cleaning…,

not too many of these….,

and that there is enough down time and light for Fras to…,

Clue – rhymes with seed.

So guess where our driving route too is today??

Around the south eastern shore of PEI. There are fifty light houses around the the coast of PEI but not all of them are operational any more. We got to three of them only as we would need at least another six weeks to get round to them all.

We passed many a farm selling pumpkins and gourds for Halloween which is still 30 days away.

What was great to see was the honesty boxes. You don’t see that very much any more.

We also came across this rather peculiar tree!!

As you can see, we had magnificent weather today though there was that cool sea breeze which made us hustle for our wind jackets.

To do PEI justice, you would need a week to ten days but this trip has given us enough of a taste that should the opportunity become available, we would certainly come back here for a longer visit.

PEI is a cross between New Zealand and England. There are no hills but lots of rolling green countryside. It is obvious that they are house proud people as we saw very little evidence of dishevelled dwellings. What has surprised us is that there are no fences between properties – they must all love their neighbours. This also begged the question as to how they stopped their pets being run over.

2 thoughts on “Pumpkins and Lighthouses – 30th September 2018

  1. So what did you think of the hopewell rocks? A factoid for you – my aunt’s dad was instrumental in having the Charlottetown Centre built. His bust ( frank mackinnon) is in the lobby). Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. Nadine


    1. We really enjoyed the Hopewell Rocks even though it was in the pouring rain. Wish we had of read your message earlier today as we went to the Charlottetown Art Centre today as the Province House was closed due to very extensive renovations so they have moved the exhibition into the Art Centre next door. Unfortunately we did not look out for the bust. By saying your aunts dad, you mean your granddad??? How is Croatia holiday going??? We hear that Simon is progressing well with the painting and Joannie arrives tomorrow so he has another set of hands to help him. I think he is looking forward to having Joannie around though he might just go down in the pecking order with Toque👎


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