Monday 4th September – Hawkesbury Junction to Sutton Cheney Wharf, Ashby Canal

Extremely  wet this morning so didn’t get going until 10.00am. We spent the time productively by calling family in Australia and updating some of our documentation regarding the boat for Wolfgang. He keeps an extensive log book regarding his time on the canals and we want to ensure that there is not a break in his information gathering.

We are finding the boat very comfortable and enjoying our time on it. Below are a few photos of the interior of the boat, Ange De L’eau.

The bed extends an additional eight inches into the corridor so in all you have a larger than a Queen size bed.

There is more than enough room in the kitchen and has everything you need including a coffee machine!!!!

We have a TV, DVD, radio and fireplace which makes for a more than satisfactory lounge. It has not been cold enough yet for us to turn on the diesel stove but we are hoping to get the opportunity as it makes for a great ambience.

There is warm wood paneling throughout the boat along with marine carpet which is most forgiving. We also have a washing machine which for us is a dream come true. So you can see from the above, we are more than comfortable!!!

After an hour of cruising we turned right onto the Ashby Canal which is one way. We are heading up to Bosworth which is very famous regarding Richard III whose remains were found under a car park recently. More on that tomorrow.

We passed the worst area of canal we have ever seen. This was a hoarders paradise and had the weirdest collection of rubbish you could imagine. It seemed to go on forever.

We passed many boats coming the other way and most of them were historic freight boats so we think that there must have been a canal festival up here on the weekend. We saw one narrowboat pulling two yoghurt pots and of course we met them on a corner under a bridge.
We also came across this boat which had a number of stuffed toys on it. The driver had rigged up some string to the bears hand so when you went passed the bear waved.

Apart from being busy with boats we had a number of trains whizzing by overhead. It is always interesting seeing old transport meeting new transport.

The countryside is quite different up this area. More flat and definitely farming area. Lots of bridges and many abandoned as not suitable for modern traffic and many had nerve racking cracks in them.

We arrived at 5.00pm today which is early for us so have the chance to watch a little telly tonight providing we get a signal. Otherwise it will be blogging and reading. Getting into the swing of this narrowboating again.





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