Sunday July 30th – Obertraun to St Gilgen

Well, we have started our return journey to Salzburg which will take us two days. Our first leg will be from Obertraun to St Gilgen. This leg will involve a train, bus and ferry or if we feel motivated will replace the bus with a bike ride of about 20k.

Putting the bikes on this particular train is not an issue but it is the buses that create problems as they do not have bike racks for them and therefor must go under the bus with all the other luggage. If the bus is only half full we cannot get the bikes on so we dip out until the next bus – bugger – we have been through this scenario before.

Anyway, all went well. Fras opted to cycle from Bad Isch to Sorbl whilst Di caught the bus. Di just wasn’t up to any biking today.
Having met up together in Sorbl which is at the south end of Lake Wolfgangsee we had some lunch prior to hopping on the ferry back to the other end of the lake. It took about an hour on the ferry but the trip was beautiful.

We called in at a few picturesque little villages on the way. When we came this way about four days ago it was pouring with rain and it was difficult to see much of anything. Well today was the absolute opposite. Everywhere we went along the shoreline people were swimming or partaking in some form of water sport.

The colour of the water is green and crystal clear and extremely inviting especially as the temperature got to about 26c. After we arrived in St Gilgen and settled into our rather nice hotel we went down for a swim. Fras said this lake was warmer than Lake Hallstatt where he went swimming yesterday. We both enjoyed the refreshing swim though for Di it last east less than a minute as it was a bit too much on the cool side for her.

They have given us the disabled room with a magnificently large bathroom. This is like the sublime to the ridiculous. The hotel at Obertraun had a bathroom where we found it very difficult to step out of the shower as the hand basin was only 8” from the sliding shower door. You couldn’t dress in the bathroom it was so pokey. This one, you could play a game of tennis in it!!

St Gilgen is where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s mum lived and we are sure a few of his cousie bros!!! It’s amazing what they can find to try and pull (suck) the tourists in.

Had a casual wander around town and sat down on the water front to take in the coolness of the water before returning to the hotel for a light dinner prior to settling in for the night.

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