Thursday 27th July – Hike in the hills

Thursday 27th July 2017 – St Wolfgangsee

Much better weather today. No rain( yippee) but overcast. Quiet Day for Di as she hung around Wolfgangsee which is a delightful little town. Fraser decided he would head for the hills and go on a hike.

My Objective was to head up to 1300m from the lake level of 500m following local route 25

Most trails in Austria are very well marked and signposted and you are always provided with the time it should take to get to the various destinations. They are reasonable estimates as long as you keep moving and don’t dawdle.

It was quite a lot of up hill but managed it adequately. Lucky enough to see a couple of deers hanging out in the woods.

At the top was a very nice perched lake and some quite delightful alpine meadows and a nice view back down onto the lake.

At the top I caught a glimpse of the cog railway that was heading to the summit at 1700m called Schafberg. Very very steep gradient obviously and the engine being used was an old steam one.

After the summit I headed back down via an alternate route making for a round trip of around 5 hours.
Nice day out, but a little weary at the end. Back on the bikes tomorrow.


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