Wednesday 5th July – Bregenz to Aschaffenburg

Wasn’t going to blog today as we were just travelling by train from Bregenz to Aschaffenburg but we had a very fortunate experience today. We caught the earlier train as we got to the station 50 minutes early which gave us a longer time in Lindau which is the next station from Bregenz around the lake.

We stayed in Lindau about six years ago on our bike ride around Bodensee and had a lovely time here so thought it would be a great place to stop and have some breakfast. We had some additional uninvited guests.

The weather was very accommodating so sitting out under the trees seemed very appropriate.

Lindau is a port town on the lake and has its own harbour which is protected in a charming way.

They even have their own Repunzil tower – look closely and you can see her long braid.

This photo is of the hotel we stayed in on that bike trip which was perfectly satisfactory. We had a laugh as this was the hotel where our bikes were valet parked after riding up on the red carpet.

Gayle sent a selfie from last night that got the three amigos in. We look extremely happy as we had just finished the hardest bike ride of the whole trip. Yippeeee!!!!

Now back in Aschaffenburg with Elfi and Horst relaxing around the dinner table – kind of, as Horst is organizing for us to climb through some tree tops hanging by our arms – no rest for the wicked.





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