Friday 30th June – Luzern to Morgarten

Our biggest cycling day today at 50k’s. We left Luzern in sunny skies though a little cool with only a high of 20c predicted today which is just perfect cycling weather.

First port of call was a little town called Zug. Apparently, it has some very favourable tax laws so is known to be rather wealthy. We couldn’t see much difference between this and any of the other little towns we went through today.

We stopped here for a brief repose prior to our next challenge.

We found some of the local inhabitants rather friendly.

Pretty tough to having scenery like this at your lunch spot.

Our cycle was fine for the first 30k and then we hit this 17k of relentless uphill that just didn’t want to end straight after lunch. Aaghh $&@%* To add insult to injury it was on gravel!!!!

Not a lot in pictures as spending all our energy on cycling. We crossed over this very cute bridge in the middle of the forest whilst trudging uphill. It was about the only flat respite we got.

We are resting our weary heads at a place called Morgarten on a tiny lake called Agerisee. Fras was brave…..

and opted for a dip in the lake. The local ferry captain told us the water was 23c – not totally convinced with that.

Love it how nearly all these small lakes have ferries going between even the smallest of hamlets.

Accommodation tonight is on the third floor with no elevator – but somehow the view from our balcony obliterates that problem.

On the whole, we have been going OK with the Accomodation except for that nasty place in Meiringen a few nights back.

We bumped into a Canadian lady today and we’re having a yarn and she was comparing prices of things in Switzerland to Canada and on the whole, providing you are not a tourist in Switzerland, things are comparable. She should know as she commutes between the two countries at least once a year and just built a house outside of Toronto. Always good to get a local perspective on things.

Another little gem we found today during our climbwas this old girl that had been beautifully preserved.

So we are now four days into our eight day trip which puts us half way in time and about half was in distance at 150k’s. Weather going forward looks good for cycling – we hope!







2 thoughts on “Friday 30th June – Luzern to Morgarten

  1. Fras you look like you are at Dickson Pool at. 6. 00 am when you were training for school sports day it was so cold


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