Tuesday 13th June – Final Parenting Day

Not a lot to report on the blog site today except that Di got to celebrate very quietly yet another birthday. Going forward she is going to start counting backwards as the numbers are getting too scary.

We spent the morning after the dog walk and other bits and pieces doing a good clean of the house as Ali and Ads return from New York tomorrow afternoon. We attacked all the common areas such as the kitchen and lounge but when it came to the teenagers rooms we have just closed their doors and ignored it. Our philosophy is if they want to live in squalor, leave them to it – hopefully they will eventually see that it is not compatible with life.

Fras also got a fix and mowed the front and back lawns which are now looking lovely because of the rain we have had the last week. He was very enamoured with Ad’s toy mower.

We rode up to the local shopping area and did some top up shopping before heading out for a 20k bike ride to see a rather interesting windmill. Unfortunately it was all in Dutch so we couldn’t see what the main purpose of it was for though in this case we think it was for water pumping. Some are for grinding flour or nuts and one we have seen was set up to saw wood. The only problem with the wood sawing one was there was no dampener on it so when the wind blew it just ripped through the wood and there was next to no control.

Have done a final run of packing our panniers as going forward that is all we have when it comes to storage. We will be living out of the panniers for two months and that includes spending a week on a narrowboat in southern Wales in early July. We want to keep the weights on the bikes down as much as we can because we have to carry everything we need on the bikes. It is amazing just what you can do without and that includes paring down to very limited pairs of jocks – just don’t stand next to us on one of our off days!!!

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