Friday 9th June – Hilversum, Netherlands

Not particularly newsy today as mostly domestic duties.

It rained extremely heavily all morning so couldn’t get Bronte to the dog park. Instead we donned all our wet weather gear and blatted off down to the High Street to do a little bit of top up shopping.

On our return the rain had stopped so took the window of opportunity to get Bronte down to the hyda. Well she defined the saying, puddle jumping, for us!! She literally went from one puddle to the other rolling around in each one. She even snorkels in them. When we get her home and nose her down she doesn’t like the water, so cannot fathom that one out.

Some of you may have heard of Hilversum before but not sure in relation to what. Hilversum was where they brought all the Dutch people who were killed in the MH17 disaster. Hilversum has a large barracks here which could accommodate for it. The other sad thing about Hilversum is that it was the hardest hit town in the Netherlands with regards the number of people killed. Whole families were wiped out. The kids we are looking after were very exposed to the tragedy as a number of the children went to their school. It is a very insecure time for them especially with all the crazy things happening around the world at present.

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