Saturday 27th May. – A Day in Trondheim

Luxury today as we got to sleep in a little today after the last week of early starts. The hotel we are staying in has to have had the best breakfast ever!!! Apparently it has won the Best Breakfast award for the last ten years and this was certainly demonstrated by the number of people who were there this morning.
So after gorging ourselves we headed out to wear some of it off. The weather was overcast again but at least not raining.

We walked up and through the original part of the Old Town getting good views back towards the old wharf buildings.










Down around the back of the cathedral and through the cemetery and then headed back towards the hotel as we had a 1.00pm appointment with Astrid a lady who Fraser met on his hiking trip to Mont Blanc about three years ago. She has lived in Trondheim for 46 years and in that time has seen many changes.


She currently works as a materials engineer at the local university. We spent a very pleasurable two hours discussing Norway and Scandinavia.

Afterwards Fraser went for a further walk to check out the old fort and also the ward where we will leave from tomorrow for our overnight cruise to Bergen.



Trondheim is a nice small town of 140,000 and worth a stop but only on the way to somewhere. Our two night stop has been sufficient for us to take it all in.



Last wander around to the rejuvenated warehouses for a bite to eat and then return to try and get some sleep in bright sunlight. This would be a difficult place during the winter months as there is such short day light.

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