Wednesday 17th May – Warnemunde and Rostock

Warnemunde und Rostock (this is not a spelling mistake – but German).
Today we arrived in Germany after an overnight trip from Copenhagen. The town is called Warnemunde. It is a old East German seaside town which was a popular with those from the East when they could have a break and come to the seaside.


It is a nice enough if not spectacular town. Still has a 100 year old lighthouse which still functions and Fraser climbed to the top to take a picture along the seaside promenade.





We loved all these sun chairs that they have on the beach. There were hundreds of them all along the beach and they made it very colourful. Interestingly there were no waves on the shore. The sand was very fine and on a warm day it would be a pleasant beach to come and visit. As this is now truly the Baltic Sea and the first time we have every visited it we went down to the water to dip our toes in it.


Found this signpost with different locations and it made us realize just how close we are to Denmark with Copenhagen only being 150k from us as the crow flies.

If you can locate your town name on the board, you get to spend a week with us on a narrowboat or n the Brecon Beacons in early July – any takers? (Inside joke with Marlene and Wolfgang).
We then decided to jump on the train and tram down to the more substantial town of Rostock.



Rostock, about 20 km away, is one of the German Hanseatic towns which were important trading and commercial towns. Germans take great pride in these types of towns. Two other Hanseatic towns we have visited are Bremen ( where Wolfgang and Marlene are from) and Hamburg.



Feeling a little peckish again and realizing we were back in Germany gave us an excuse to try some of that German health food again .

Delicious of course !!!!
Quite a warm day today which is a real bonus as we don’t really expect it in these parts especially at this time of year. Took advantage and headed back to the boat and had a swim in the pool. Made the most of this opportunity as do not think there will be a chance to use these facilities again.

We left port at 10pm which by then the sun had set. This is the first time this ship had been into Warnemunde and for the local retailers it meant and will mean greater revenue income. Coming into harbour this morning the town sent out a tug which celebrated our arrival by spraying huge water fountains. We turned on the TV to see the live arrival via the bridge Cam as too lazy t get up and dressed to go outside. On our departure they went one extra and that was the great fireworks display that they put on at the mouth of the port. They really did not spare any expense. Alas, we did not have our camera on us to capture a photo. There were a number of local boats out to blast farewell to us on their ship horns which resulted in a horn blowing competition – of course we had the loudest horn. It was an experience that will stay with us for a long time.
All six of us crawled back to Patti and Petes cabin and raided Pete’s stash of lollies and Patti’s pop corn and not to mention their alcohol. Once again, it was a very late night.
Tomorrow it’s another sea day before we get quite active with stops in Estonia,Russia, Finland and Sweden.

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