Wednesday 3rd May – Third Sea Day

We are now almost half way to the Azores. Today the temperature was going to be 20c so we decided if we were going to have a swim, today would probably be the warmest as we are heading north. It was slightly cool in the pools but needed to make the most of it. Being the big kids that we are, we tried out the water slides. There was a sheer drop one which only Fraser tried. Di decided she didn’t need a colonic lavage this early in the trip.



We then did the obstacle course with Sue and by now the wind was picking up and the boat was rocking a little more. They harness you up like 50 shades of grey as they are not into losing passengers overboard. The rope course is on the very top of the boat so as you are walking around the edge and hanging out over the water it becomes a little disconcerting.
Sue, all trussed up.


There was one area of the course that they called the plank which extended about ten foot over the edge of the ship. Sue did exceptionally well on this section. Fraser and Di a little more tentative. There was a camera at the end that took your photo so at a later date we will see if we can post this.


The three amigos. Steve has crappy knees so opted to save them for more fruitful endeavours.


Fraser also attempted the climbing wall. Some of you might remember his name of Rock Lobster when he was a grade controller back in the early eighties. Well, he still has the skill set.



Sue had some credits in the arcade so the four fossils decided to elbow out the scone grabbers and take over. No scone grabbers there so we assume that arcades are “..just soooo yesterday.” We had a hoot though as we found this machine that imitated a roller coaster. You know when you are old by how dizzy you are when you get off something that is stationary.



Really getting into this cruising lifestyle where you get up and eat and then go for some lectures whilst someone else makes your breakfast and cleans your room!!! I think we will get bored of it after a while though.
It was interesting to learn that the average age on the boat is 62.1. Sue and Steve said that they have been on transatlantic cruises where the average age is about 80. Reckon parking for Zimmer frames at the restaurants would be maxed out. There would be maybe 50 kids. Altogether the boat has a capacity of 4,000 and there is 3,700 on it. It does feel a bit busy as at times it can be difficult to get seats and there are queues at the eateries.
You may ask how come we got to post this blog whilst still at sea. Sue and Steve are platinum members so they got 60 minutes of free air time so they kindly gave us some space so that we could post.
The weather is now changing and rain in predicted. A bit more movement on the boat. Not looking forward to that first day back on terra firm as it will be a rockin. Fingers crossed we don’t have to bring out the drugs or woof bags.

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