Hockley Heath to King’s Norton Junction

19th September 2016

After two pretty hard days doing locks we shouted ourselves to a lie in until 9.00am this morning. Awoke to drizzly weather so warmed up with some porridge and then headed out on the cut. Our mission today is to complete the Stratford Canal as far as King’s Norton Junction where we were approximately two weeks ago.

To recall some lost file space for our followers, we were last at the King’s Norton Junction on our way from Birmingham to Worcester.

There was an air of melancholy on nb Lucy today as we only have one week left of cruising. It is a long way back to when we began, 17 weeks in fact and we have been around nearly all the northern canals. It has been a wonderful time but let’s not linger as we still have more things to see.

Our course today has taken us through a very leafy area of the Stratford Canal and a little difficult to see that much due to the heavy foliage. We managed to get a pump out at a bit of a one woman band type of place but at least it was a thorough one and no longer do we have the lean of shame happening.

As we exited the Stratford Canal and back onto the Birmingham and Worcester Canal we went under this guillotine lock gate which use to be Lock 1 and had a fall of only 1” on it. It is now disused.



Whilst turning the corner to moor for the night we came across the kitchen sink. It really is surprising what people feel should be deposited in the canals. But believe it or not, it is a lot better than it use to be.


2 thoughts on “Hockley Heath to King’s Norton Junction

  1. Hi Di and Fras, from down under! Fantastic trip, and great blog…you are amazing to be travelling so long on what looks like the size of an outdoor dunny 🙂

    Where to next…canal boating from UK to Australia – is it possible?!

    Lots of love B, Dom and the boys


    1. Hi B, Dom and boys,
      you know us, we are into doing insane adventures.
      She’s a little larger than an outdoor dunny with an indoor dunny.
      You guys would enjoy this type of madcap trip and there are canals in France that you can do it on. In fact, it was the French who invented this whole canal mania thing – the Brits just perfected it.
      We have heard that some people have crossed the English channel in them so maybe there is hope for us to do the UK to Oz thing – a plan for our retirement – maybe.
      Love from the idiots


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