Tardebigge Locks to Stock Wharf

8th September 2016

Record breaking day today of 34 locks!!!! Whoa!!!! Below is the page from our Pearson’s guide that gives you some indication of what we tackled today.


It has helped that we had fine weather and fresh lock slaves. It didn’t take long to get into a good routine with Pete assisting Fraser, Nadine on the other side of the locks and Di, Mapes and Toques on the boat.


A lot of the side locks were very stiff to open which seemed rather unusual considering that this flight of locks is extremely well used. Nadine got her gym in for the day.

img_7994 img_7995 img_7996 img_7997 img_7998 img_7999 img_8000 img_8002 img_8004

We commenced at 10.00am and completed the first 28 locks by 2.30pm. We then congratulated ourselves by dropping into the Queens Head for a very healthy lunch of pizza for two hours.


We had a leisurely break of two hours before heading back to nb Lucy to complete the other six locks. As the locks were in our favour, meaning that they were already filled up with water, it only took us only 45 minutes.

As yesterday’s blog was extremely wordy and we are a little knackered, it is going to be mostly pictures today.


Di seeing how nb Lucy likes bush wacking – she of course said that the wind did this.

p1070511 p1070523 p1070529


Pete aging Fraser and Di 10 years by his antics on lock gates.

The blackberry season is now well and truly upon us and this is our haul after only a few minutes picking.




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