Anderton to Anderton

11th August 2016

Anderton is where it all started for us back in 1991. We hired a 34’ boat called the Nuthatch out of the Anderton Marina to do the Llangollen Canal. The Pearson’s guide said it would be a 10 day trip and of course being early 30 year olds who had boundless energy and stupidity on our side and said we would do it in 7 days. It meant 12 hour days and sometimes cruising late into the evening with minimal light which was not a kosher thing to do. But, having said all that it is what started our canal passion.

Today our task was to take P+P up through some locks as we felt the 6” drop lock we did yesterday wasn’t sufficient enough to give them a good idea of how locks work. We cruised three hours up to Middlewich where there are four locks. One of 5’ and the others of 10’.

Our first lock was a wide one.


Putting Big P to work.


Di and Small P supervising from the canal.


Big P catching his breath.


Got to the top of the locks and had a celebratory ale and then turned around and headed back towards Anderton for a pub meal.

They, meaning the bureau of meterology, had promised us a day of overcast weather but no rain – once again the buggers lied. There was a constant annoying drizzle until midday but then fined up.

Nb Lucy is starting to have some unusual electrical issues like sending off alarms with regards to charging up and flashing green lights on her dash. We have contacted the marina who assure us that it is fine but we are rather pleased that they will be coming out on Monday to do an enginer service and we will also get them to look at some of these issues. The old girl still has another six weeks to go so want to make sure that her next physical will get us through.

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