Off to East Marton

Tuesday 12th July 2016

Our distance today was not going to be great but we had 9 locks to tackle. Could really do with the “lock slaves” joining us today. We actually awoke to some sunshine so got going whilst we could enjoy it.

We got to practice our two step dance a lot today. The reason to go into locks in this formation is to reduce the amount of banging and crashing to occurs if you go into them singularly.


We have been going through some seriously picturesque country along seriously windy contour canals.



For the final time we crossed the River Aire which we have been shadowing since leaving Leeds. You probably ask “..why did they just not turn the rivers into canals”? The reason being is that a lot of the rivers are just not navigable and it was easier just to create the canals.


Between seven of the nine locks today the distances were very short – like 240 feet. This does give you room though to pass another boat that is coming down the lock. The photo below shows nb Lucy and W+M’s boat coming out of the lock and heading across the pound passing two boats that had just come from the above lock. Looks messy but it was very orderly.


You can see the number of gongoozlers this creates.


We moored up tonight at a location called East Marton and after dinner all four of us headed up to the local pub which was delightful. We had a drink with a cheese platter and then played a game that W+M had brought with them. What was going to be a quick drink ended up as two hours in the pub and walking home in the dark but it was not far. We are getting very accustomed to this life style!!!

We got back too late to watch our trainspotting show but there is still tomorrow night.


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